Friday, September 28, 2007

Do I have to like, put something here?

Daddddy I WANT thiiis!!!!! Huhuh. Sigh. I really want this Goyard bag even before pa.. I noticed a lot of students na kase they all have LVs and shit na.. Theyre just sooo common in my school kase. I dont like to wear mine na nga kase im gonna be like everybody else na :(

I saw UA&P on tv last night. I asked kase my yaya to turn on the tv when she was fixing my room kase. What was that ba? It was like a short segment lang naman.. Why is the story like that? Okay pa naman the actors.. Sana better episode naman next time noh!

"eOwww pow!! PwDe pow buH tEio mGng FrEnz? PrEti Mu tLgaah! tGa PaSay pOh Aq" - OH EM GEE. I got this message on my myspace.. Like I soo wanna hurl and die right now!! This commoner is soo kadiri ha. I can imagine him looking like those local rappers na walang future. The World is full of jologs people naaaa!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dont hate, APPRECIATE!

Why so much haters? This is my little corner on the net and if you dont like what youre reading just stay away from my site! Sheesh. Cant a girl share her thoughs na? Im not giving my school a bad name noh, Im proud pa nga to be in UAP.. Hello?! Read kaya my first post! I was talking about how I LOVE being in UA&P. So please, just get over it.

So anyway, I wont waste my time on that na nga! Kaasar lang eh! I have so many papers to do pa.. Why do people say kase UA&P is for the rich and conyo lang? They say pa its UA&P - University of Armani and Prada.. Minsan its CRC - College for the Rich adn Conyo.. or CRC - College Rehabilitation Center and theres UAP - UP? Asa Pa!.. So mean noh? When I heard those, I was like "OMG NOOO freaking way!" Like I wanna strangle them for stereotyping! Dont they see we have so many bigat readings and our units are mas madami than other schoools! Hmph.

By the way, theres this school play.. I forgot the title. Basta I saw sa ledge the poster while I was making daan, its yellow na parang cartoon-ish. I think I want to watch the play since my crush is there eh. Omg. He was soo checking me out pa kanina, I swear. Buti nalang I was cute kanina! I saw him pa sa may Stela again when Mang Bhoy was picking me up na. Haay. He's such a cutie! :)

Since I have visitors and all in my supercool blog, tell me, what do you think of the EM program having girls? Isnt it like, mas okay if all boys yung EM? No offense and all, id gladly make lipat sa EM.. but EM was like nakaka-whoa before when they were all boys.. Now parang no more na the sparkle. Right?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Infusion University Party at - BLAH.

INFUSION 2007 was better than last years, which was held at some unkown bar in Ortigas. Ugh. This year is mas okay kase naman its in Embassy Super Club. How cool naman is that, right? Actually, at first I didnt want to go kase hello?! Puro people lang from school its like making tambay sa ledge! So anyway, around 11:00PM I asked my driver, Mang Bhoy to bring me na to The Fort. OMG!!! Like soo many people swarming outside Emba! Yuck talaga! So I went inside and I had to stop myself from laughing so hard at some of the people. The outfits, pare! Eeew! This random person from my APS class pa went up to me and asked if pwede kame magpicture together?! The nerve!! So kapal. We're not friends noh. Dami nga people just taking pictures, maybe for their multiply or something just to say theyve been to Emba. So low class.

Di ko na talaga na-take the crowd in LAMEbassy, so I called Mang Bhoy pa on his new Nokia E65.. Its my extra phone kase you know, sayang naman if I make tapon it. So there, I asked him to bring me nalang to Manila Yacht Club to hang out with cousins, buti pa there okay yung mga kasama ko. I didnt stay long na din kase I got bored, poker lang naman sila always eh. Boorriiing.

Hayy. Monday again tommorow. I bet theyll all be talking about what happened in Infusion. Puhlease?!?! Get over it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My First Blog

OMG. I cant believe Im actually home on a Friday night! My dad said dont daw muna labas tonight since Im always out daw. Like whatever daddy! So here I am, so bored and effing pissed, dude. I made this blog nalang tuloy to make palipas oras. Haay. So what have I been up to lately? Not naman masyado.. School is okay. I mean, hello?! I go to UA&P, its like one of the best lang naman noh. Its like so expensive there kase. Kaya no need to go to Ateneo or Lasalle or *gasp!* UP. Ohmygosh noh. I cant live without my carpeted ACB classrooms! And naman, I dont like walking around! Super dami pa the students in those school.. and besides, our CRs pa have the classical music playing in the background. Sooo cool. You totally get your moneys worth talaga if you ask me. Daddy said "only the best for my little princess" :)

Haay nako Im still in a bad mood. All my friends are like in Embassy again. Duh Always naman eh.. I cant believe everyones making pa-guest list nanaman. I mean, what the hell. They dont even deserve to be breathing the same air as I am! Give me a break. They look so jologs and TH pa with their outfits. Im like really nasusuka when I see them!! Dagdag pa to my kainisan is my yaya Tess who is so tanga. I made utos for her to go and make timpla my juice, she came back naman with a freaking coke! HELLO? It wasnt even diet! I had to make sigaw pa to her that I wanted orange juice. Tsk. Life is so hard talaga! Good help nowadays are like sooo hard to find!